Agressive Driving

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Sydney Wooten
November 7, 2012
Period 3
Aggressive Driving
This article talks the different types of aggressive driving such as, speeding, unnecessary lane changes, tailgating, and running red or yellow lights. These are a dangerous, unsafe to all drivers and can harm many people on the road with an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving is the top threat to highway safety. The accidents are mainly on the individual rights and their freedoms and not responsibility of the other drivers. Driving too fast anywhere gives a slower reaction to situations such as a person braking unacceptably. To lower the crashes from aggressive driving, reduce your chances of being an aggressive driver by keeping your emotions in check and focus on your own driving, be a cautious driver by not speeding and tailgating. Also the cost of speed-related crashed was $40.4 billion per year and speeding was a factor (31 %) to all crashes with 11,674 people died. Driving cautious lowers your gas mileage by 33% for the highway and 5% for around town.

This article taught me that if you driving cautious that you can lower your cost of how much you pay for gas and I did not know that how fast you go on the road affected how much you spent on gas. Also I learned that we pay over 40 billion dollars because of aggressive driving which also leads to the thousands of deaths on the road. I did not know that 31 % of accidents dealt with just speeding. Also I did not know that there were so many aggressive drivers on the road and can cause an accident anytime anywhere. I know when I get on the road by myself to watch out the aggressive drivers and to not let them get to me or make them even more upset than they already are.
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