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Agreement Essay 2

By | August 2010
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12.Any removal of Landlord's property without express written permission from the Landlord shall constitute abandonment and surrender of the premises and termination by the resident of this Agreement. Landlord may take immediate possession, exclude Tenant from property and store all Tenant's possessions at Tenant's expense pending reimbursement in full for Landlord's loss and damages. 13.Landlord has the right of emergency access to the leased premises at any time and access during reasonable hours to inspect the property or to show property to a prospective tenant or buyer. In the event that the property is sold, the lease/rental agreement between Landlord and Tenant is canceled on the date the new owner takes possession of property. Tenant has thirty days to vacate the property or sign new lease with new owner at new owner's option. 14.Tenant agrees to pay a Security Deposit of $ 900.00 to bind Tenant's pledge of full compliance with the terms of this agreement. NOTE: SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED TO PAY RENT! Any damages not previously reported as required in paragraph 25, will be repaired at Tenant's expense. 15.Release of the SECURITY DEPOSIT, at the Option of the Landlord is subject to the provisions below . A. The full term of the Agreement has been completed.

B. No damage to the premises, buildings, grounds is evident. C. The entire dwelling, appliances, closets, and cupboards are clean and free from insects, the refrigerator is defrosted and clean, The range is to be clean including the racks and broiler pan, all windows are to be clean inside and outside, all debris and rubbish have been removed from the property, carpets have been commercially cleaned and left clean and odorless. D. All unpaid charges have been paid including late charges, visitor charges, pet charges, delinquent rents, etc. WATER BILL MUST BE PAID IN FULL AND COPY OF PAID FINAL BILL SENT TO LANDLORD. E. All keys have been returned.

F. A forwarding address for Tenant...

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