Agree or Disagree: Your Job Has Greater Happiness Than Your Social Life

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Health Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Society changes at an unprecedented speed. So does people's views toward their jobs. This has aroused a heated discussion whether people's jobs own more happiness than their social life dose. From my point of view, compared with working, my social life means more.

To begin with, admittedly, there exist some people who relish their job and consider it whole part of their life. For instance, an honorable professor in my university spends all his lifetime with his students and colleagues. He poses all his heart to the studying field of Chinese film. Only by referring to this concerned field, can he have the eyes lustrous. Without any other social activities, he lives a very satisfying life.

However, it literally differs person to person. As for me, job is merely one aspect of my life. True, it provides the opportunity to enlarge my vision on profuse communicating methods and help me be seemingly mature. But the vision is limited to certain fields, knowledges without any connections with job still stay in an uncultivated state, such as skills of veraciously making friends, spirits of exploring new areas, kindness to others and so on. Lacking these crucial elements, I wonder whether it can be a happy life.

Perhaps even more significantly, social life can help maintain a good health status. People could select a multitude of activities which make benefits for their physical health. For people like me, I play tennis every weekend, resulting in that I have not caught a cold for almost three years. And this offers the requisite basic of a happy life. In addition, social life also could be make advantages of by diverting concentration then assuage spiritual pressure. We could travel and spot various scenery with diverse people, make fun of different circles of friends, experience other's lifestyles, explore deeper information of beloved fields.

In sum, social life could better life quality and life contentment due to many reasons discussed above. Therefore, not...
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