: Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement the Future Status of English as the Global Language Is Assured

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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Topic: Agree or disagree with the following statement
The Future status of English as the global language is assured
Since the globalization spreads rapidly throughout the world, the need of a global language has become more crucial than ever before. Despite this unavoidable demand, some people are afraid that English may have negative effects on their own major language when English become dominant. A few countries try to limit the use of English such as Brazil, Poland and France etc. as the governments want to enforce language purity. However, English which is widely recognized and used has strong advantages to become a global language.

According to the newspaper article, many shopping malls in Brazil utilize English words rather than using their own Portuguese words. For instance, “sale” has been substituted for “promocão” or “50 percent off” has replaced “descontos”. Therefore, some Brazilian language purists criticize them for abandoning Portuguese. In fact, these English words can bring more benefits to these shopping malls, and eventually increase the country’s economy as a whole. The word “sale” or “50 percent off” is widely used and recognized, so not only Portuguese but also foreigners who are traveling there can absorb the information given by the shops much quickly. As a result, the shops can achieve successfully a large number of customers and gain bigger profits. From this point, if we want to do a successfully international business or to expand the quantity of foreign customers, English will be an excellent choice for the international communication with different language-speaking partners or buyers.

In addition, the article mentions Aldo Rebelo, a deputy in Brazil, who attempts to fight against English. The Polish and French governments also tried to oppose to it by passing a law to prohibit the use of English from everyday transactions. This law is so unreasonable because no one has the right to restrict the way people communicate to...
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