Agitated State of Mind: How To Be Free of Anxiety

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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What to do when desperate, restless, afraid, burning up and on verge of a breakdown? When nothing seems to go well and you are fighting every challenge yet the results are nothing but more frustration, failures accumulate, suffocate the mind and things go so bad that one starts feeling almost sick, lifeless and boat of life appears to be sinking. You think of yourself as a victim of circumstances, people and treacheries of the world. Hope evaporates like steamed water. Despite all that you are persisting, positive & keep fighting but things do not seem to be changing? What to do in such despair when problems in the shape of monsters seem to be knocking you down?

Sit down, calm down, collect your remaining energy and think of your problem as a large animal that is many times bigger than you. If you fight with it, you get knocked down. Now picture yourself reversing your strategy. Instead of fighting you just surrender and try to be as calm as possible. If you become aggressive, the animal responds with aggression. If you are compassionate, loving and smiling and say - I like it - the animal turns friendly and becomes your protector.

Picture that that with an aggressive strategy you were down and with the other one you are sitting on top and enjoying. Each problem in life is like that huge animal, scary, big and irresolvable. If you RESIST and fight with it, you will be down. If you say, I accept it - and become friendly to the problem by understanding and knowing it, the same problem will become not only a solution but will help you resolve other related problems too. Instead of FIGHTING, surrender and say I like it and start enjoying it. When you start enjoying a problem it will not remain a problem anymore. By fighting you sacrifice yourself and become a posthumous hero but by reversing your attitude you become a winner - a real one.

Now let us do some practical work when you are in such an agitated state of mind when things appear very...
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