Aginst Video Games

Topics: Video game, Video game industry, Video game addiction Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Against Video Games
* Video game addiction is without a doubt, becoming this century's most increasingly worrisome epidemic, comparable even to drug and alcohol abuse. All the while, the video game industry continues to market and promote hatred, racism, sexism, and the most disturbing trend: clans and guilds, an underground video game phenomenon which closely resembles gangs. Parents NEED to be aware of the hidden dangers * Controversies over video games center on debates around game content and the potential negative impacts on player behaviour. Video games have been studied for links to addiction and aggression but results have been conflicting * A 2001 study found that exposure to violent video games correlates with at least a temporary increase in aggression * In a survey of 1,102 teenagers, aged 12 to 17, 97% of them said that they play video games; moreover, half of the survey respondents said that they had played a video game in the last day. * Video games are an immensely popular form of entertainment. This digital pastime is enjoyed by millions of people around the world * Expensive

* Laziness, obesity
* Why, in a time when we are fighting terrorism, gangs and violence, are game manufacturers making games that involve seemingly little more than virtual murder or thousands of 'imaginary' people in a very graphic and realistic way? * Of course not all video games are violent, and there are some educational games out there. But why? Is this suggesting that before video games, children weren't learning properly? No. It is telling children that the best way to learn is to press a few buttons and listen to fascinating sound effects telling them that they are so smart * beautiful sunny day with no kids outside playing. Upon searching you would probably find most of them sitting in a chair with a few friends, eyes trained on a screen, ears listening to the electronic bleeps and bloops, and imagination slowly slipping away. video...
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