Aging Reflection

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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Aging Reflection

Part 1:
1:At this point in your life, what do you value most?
At this point in my life, i would like to say that i value my happiness most in life. In my mind, I mean happiness can mean a lot of different things, and the definition may vary from one person to another.As for me, I mean this happiness means different things for me, such as, i hope my parents have good health, i hope my friends happy everyday and so many things around me. I honestly wish that were the case. Over the past year, i have had a significant amount of time to think about why i feel the way i do about the components of my life, i always ask myself what do i want through my life. In doing so i believe that my family is my most valuable entity. Because my own happiness is from i accepting the "advice" and " encouragement" they give me, as for me, they must certainly be of more value to me than my own happiness. So i want to say my value is happiness which is depends on my family. 2:What do you think will be most important to you when you reach your 40s? 50s? 60s? What similarities and differences do you notice, and what causes these similarities and differences? Aging had traditionally been described as the patterns of life changes that occur in members of all species as they grow older. Different aging group will have huge different achievement including health, psychical change, intelligence, adaptability and so on. In my mind, when i reach my 40s, i feel psychical change is very important for me. Why? In life, nothing is certain and nothing is perfect. Just rise above the challenge.When i reach of 40s, if i am not very successful, i will be extremely disappointment,so my psychical health play important role at this point of my life. I need to tell myself "Whatever your aim in life always take steps to avoid and be prepared for the exact opposite, but never lose site of your initial and hopefully decent intentions." When i reach of 50s, i feel health is important...
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