Aging Process Essay

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Aging Process

The first article I chose to read was about grief, and how to cope with it. The loss of a loved one cause’s great stress can temporarily interfere with concentration, decision making, and work performance. With enough support and help, grief can promote personal growth of all of those involved in the process. According to this article, grief can be triggered by extreme isolation, depression, or other additive behaviors. Other indicators that show one who is dealing with grief may include quick replacement of the lost relationship or avoidance of any reminder of or imitation of the deceased. Many people who experience these symptoms need some sort of intervention by health care professionals. According to this article, there are many different types of grief that one can experience. These types include chronic grief, delayed grief, exaggerated grief, masked grief, and disenfranchised grief. Chronic grief begins as “normal grief,” but instead of going away, it continues for a very long time. Some people tend to define themselves by their losses, which leads to the development of chronic grief. Delayed grief is when a survivor consciously or unconsciously holds back their feelings in order to avoid pain, such as avoiding discussion of the deceased, or working too much. In masked grief, the survivor is not aware that their response to grief is getting in the way of them performing daily functions. One who is experiencing this may refuse help. Disenfranchised grief can occur when a survivor can’t fully acknowledge the loss of a loved one because the relationship may be considered unacceptable. Those who experience this type of grief may be those who are gay or lesbian partners. There have been many studies done on the effects of care giving to those who are going through grief and loss. In a recent study, 129 spouse care givers were asked to rate their levels of care giving. Those who had little or no involvement in the care of a terminally ill...
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