Aging in Society

Topics: Nursing home, Temporary work, Home care Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Exam 2
* Question 6
* The Sandwich Generation is where many caregivers are taking care of an elderly parent, while at the same time caring for their own children, and sometimes holding down a full-time job. As a concerned social worker the suggestion of better social support assistance I would suggest is a certified nurse that stays with the elder person to help with mobility as well as actual personal needs if needed. The nurse would have to stay for at least a half a day whether it is the beginning of the day or the end of the day. Most elders require home care rather than home health care, so obtaining home care would be my focus. Obtaining home care can be tricky but the suggestions for my ideas would be as followed so that this person could receive the best possible results that require the most attention. Me being the social worker would have to determine the needs of the elder person, interview and selecting caregivers, create a written contract to insure the following care is provided, following a activity log, Supervision, communication and problem-solving, social security and insurance coverage. For many, the use of long term care has minor financial impacts. For others, the impact of long term care use can be catastrophic. It can cause the depletion of lifetime savings, dramatically reduce one's standard of living, or force someone to purchase less care than they need. Economic considerations also sometimes force people to enter a nursing home even though they would rather be home, just because it is easier to qualify for Medicaid coverage in a nursing home than at home. * In the world of the elderly, ethical issues have an even greater significance because they usually involve an elder who is likely to be more vulnerable that the average adult. For that reason, in many ways the elderly are taken advantage of by people in whom they have misplaced their trust. For the elderly, ethics is about how they want to be treated and allowed to make...
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