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Topics: Retirement, Old age, Ageing Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The following paper will analyze the article, Global Aging: The Challenge of Success. The article was chosen as it reflects research conducted based on Kevin Kinsella and David R Phillips Journal. There are 4 major points about global aging found to be relevant in todays present times. The agreement or disagreement with the article will be stated clear and precise. The audience will have a chance to express their opinions or ask questions. An idea of how to continue the research for future evaluation will be established . I take this paper personally and to be a serious topic facing the future of mankind. Global aging has been successful and has taking on a success story of its own. After reading this paper or attending my presentation you will find out global aging is at an all-time high. You will know what global aging has to do with you and your future. Statistics about global aging will be available and presented to you for education purposes. Knowing how global aging can and will affect you in the future will presented.

Identify and explain at least four (4) major points in your article. Four major points represented in the journal article, Global Aging: The Challenge of Success are people living longer, population growing, government benefits, and how care givers have changed through the test of time. These major points are the meat and potatoes of the topic of global aging. Prepare to be informed of all four major points one at a time. People are living longer in today’s society creating a hike in population, people working longer, and benefits being pushed back. United States of America in among the top 6 countries when it comes to aging people. The baby boom years have come and gone. People are having less baby’s todays but our population has continued to grow. The reasoning for this is people are living longer. People living longer are now working long. We can assume a longer life and prepare for this long life. One of the keys to living longer is...
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