Agility Essay 2

Topics: Application software, Management, Computer software Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: October 13, 2010
In the paper, “Agility: The Key to Survival of the Fittest in the Software Market”, talks about the challenges that software industry and IT departments had to face in today’s competitive environment. Technologies kept on improving, so it’s important for the software applications to improve as well. Small, interconnected organizations that provide emerging services and products for today’s customers began to increase numerously. These organizations are simpler than larger firms, but most of the time, they work with other firms to complete projects. Being able to communicate and share information regularly within the web of firms is necessary for each project. In order for a software application to succeed, they need to understand and identify the main points and key differences within each organization.

As a result, they come up with a framework that help organizes software applications into different categories known as the enterprise system, which is similar to the evolutionary categorization of animals. The structure of the enterprise system have several benefits including: using the categorization to identify the key differences among available, using the framework to highlight today’s software market trends toward tomorrow’s software choices and create a graduate course for students to have knowledge about the software applications and the market environment.

The enterprise systems are divided into three categories: systems with no overall organizing rationale, systems with inward organization, and systems with outward organization. Systems with no organizing rationale are single entry enterprise systems that can be successful in guiding multitude of small organization and work well when the manager participates in all of the key business events, but not with significant transaction volumes, reporting requirements, or outside information users. On the other hand, systems with inward organization are a more advanced enterprise systems. The systems provide...
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