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POS 351 Exam #2 Review Sheet
Dr. Christina Schatzman
Spring 2013


Wednesday, March 20 @ 9am - Thursday, March 21 @ 5pm (link will go down at 5pm!)


Online through the EXAMS link in course menu; click on Exam 2 (you may only open once)


Open-book, open-note
May only take exam once: once opened, must be completed and submitted Questions will be presented one at a time, but you may backtrack using buttons at bottom of test screen (be careful at last question not to submit if you want to go back through); DO NOT use your browser directional buttons

Technical Preparation:
Read the "Exams" and "Test-Taking on Blackboard" sections of the syllabus Read over the "Blackboard Test Survival Guide" by Tech Support linked in your syllabus under "Exams" and at: Use Firefox with a dependable internet connection

Do NOT open any other tabs or browser windows while taking the exam; do not use forward/backward/refresh buttons Worse Case Scenario: something happens, you are locked out: what do you do? Email me immediately, I'll reset your exam and you'll have to begin again note: I reserve the right to require you to take an alternative exam at any time


20 m/c questions: choose the best answer of the 4 provided

5 of 7 short answers: write a paragraph length response to the question posed (paragraph length). Write in complete sentences, avoid direct quotes, paraphrase as needed, and guarantee you answer the question completely and concisely. As reference, see "Exam #1 Short Answer Examples" for A-level answers from your classmates on our last exam; the file is listed in the EXAM folder. •

2 hours (regardless of whether you have timer enabled; penalty for going over)

What: The tests are cumulative and you are expected to draw on earlier material. However, the questions will be drawn from the material assigned since the last exam, namely:
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