Aggressive Behaviour: a Study of Its Manifestations and Varied Effects on the Aggressor and the Aggravated in the Classroom Environment

Topics: Aggression, Relational aggression, Educational psychology Pages: 9 (2812 words) Published: December 11, 2012
University of Santo Tomas
College of Science

Aggressive Behaviour: A Study of its Manifestations and Varied Effects on the Aggressor and the Aggravated in the Classroom Environment

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Ms. Abigail De Abanico

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Abrugena, Alexys Gerald
Bautista, Earvin Earl
Marcos, Marconi Ed
Santos, Keith Vincent
Tiangson, Lomar Jarell

September 19, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
I. Types of Aggressive Behaviour 2
a. Physical
b. Verbal
II. Factors that Affect Student Performance in School 2 c. Peer Pressure
d. Weak Moral Foundation
e. School Violence
III. Difference Between Aggressive Behaviour and Bullying 4 IV. Reasons for/Causes of Aggressive Behaviour 4
V. Possible Preventive Measures for Aggressive Behaviour 5 Conclusion 5

The authors of the paper chose the topic of aggressive behaviour because it is a field that is not as looked into compared to the other topics in Educational psychology due to its delicate and volatile nature. The authors also believed that readers would be interested in reading something that is relatively taboo. The fact that aggressive behaviour is still evident in classrooms today, as suggested by the many cases of such in schools all over the world, also contributed to its selection as a topic for research.

The field of Educational Psychology is a vast one that is filled with practical knowledge one can use to explain behaviour in everyday life. Aggressive behaviour is a rather curious example. This kind of behaviour is evident in the many aspects of our life, and it is also present in those aspects that we least expect: the educational setting, specifically, the classroom. Aggressive behaviour gives rise to many notions that differ because of the different people of different orientations that relate to aggressive behaviour. As far as the researchers of this paper are concerned, aggressive behaviour is viewed in the light of the students in the classroom. Past and current research concluded that aggressive behaviour stems from not only from the social interactions students engage in everyday, but also from the smorgasbord of external impulses the student experiences. The researchers made their own approximate response and assumed results about the topic. First, the aggressive behavior is a bad behaviour because it is detrimental to the studies of the students, destroys ones connection to the society, and it is not a good condition in the classroom. Second, the aggressive behaviour in the classroom should not be ignored because it is a serious problem. Third, the aggressive behaviour of students inside the classroom has many reasons and it can lead to negative effects. Not only to the student, but also the classmates. Lastly, both the student and the teacher plays important roles in order to avoid the aggressive behaviour. With this in mind, the authors then decided to conduct research regarding the correlation of specific impulses from the environment and aggressive behaviour and they hope to uncover effective measures to decrease the tendency of this kind of behaviour.

I. Types of Aggressive Behaviour
A. Physical
The physical forms of aggressive behaviour manifest themselves in ways such as throwing things to the fellow classmate, hurting others physically, acting like a rebel, and destroying others possessions

B. Verbal
On the other hand, verbal concretizations may be shown through swearing, teasing, name-calling and fooling other classmates. It is a prominent problem that is happening in the classrooms of schools today. According to Craig, Pepler, at Atlas (2000), the occurrence of teasing inside the classroom is two times in one hour. Aggressive behavior is already known to be one of the biggest problems in schools, since 1969 according to the 37 Gallup...
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