Aggressive Behavior on Acute Psychiatric Wards: Prevalence, Severity and Management

Topics: Nursing, Psychiatry, Research Pages: 12 (3674 words) Published: May 30, 2011

This purpose of this paper is to critically appraise a research article titled ‘ Aggressive behavior on acute psychiatric wards: prevalence, severity and management ’ by Choloe Foster, Len Bowers & Nijman (2007). This article was published in the Journal of advanced Nursing 58(2), 140 – 149. Accepted for publication 31 August 2006.

The reason why this research article is chosen is because aggressive behavior on acute psychiatric ward are major nursing care problem that overwhelm nursing profession at psychiatric unit for many years. Duxbury (2002) aggressive behavior poses a threat to the physical and psychological health of psychiatric nursing staff, the fear that result from working in a climate of potential danger can also have a damaging impact on patient care. It is more prevalent than Dementia, Alzheimer disease, and many other condition that receive considerably more attention. Especially to patient diagnose as schizophrenia and bipolar but, it also happened for patient that diagnosed with depression and others mental health problem. In Adult Acute Psychiatric Ward (AAPW), in the one of the large hospital in Malaysia, where I have practiced my nursing profession for the past four years, aggressive behavior among the patient is one of the major problem where nurses must cope up in measuring patient quality care. Consequently, many mental health professionals fears that aggression within inpatient psychiatric service is increasing (Wells & Bowers 2002). Aggression and violent are unfortunate but ever present and growing future of health service work environment (Badger & Mullan 2004). Besides, to investigate the nature and prevalence of inpatient aggressive behavior directed at staff and other patients and, in the case of patient self- harm, the method used by nursing staff to manage this.

Hence, in this essay, I will explore about develop and encourage, advantage and disadvantage EBP in my clinical practices, I will critique a quantitative research paper; utilized research critique tools from Coughan, Cronin & Ryan, (2007) because it approaches research process questions more systematically. By critique a research paper, the strengths and weakness of study can be appraised, and it is useful to develop research skills for the new researcher (Nieswiadomy, 1993).Finally yet importantly to integrate research findings in aggression behavior prevalence, severity and its management in my clinical area, evaluate strategy for developing and implementing EBP in (AAPW).

Evidence Based Practice

The important of nursing research in developing EBP had been driven by the need to provide quality of care within current economy constraint (Flemming, 2007). Furthermore as nurses’ accountable to provide excellent patients care, EBP thus became vital which will enhance practice in (APW) . Research is essential in a practice profession like nursing . It is necessary to systematical study; to improve current practice, and develop new empirical knowledge that can be synthesize into evidence, therefore can apply it to achieve effectiveness clinical practice (Burns & Grove, 2007). According to Gerish & Lacey (2006), by implementing EBP, we aims to providing most appropriate care in a correct manner at most expedient time, therefore optimize patient care, in a cost effective ways. Health care organizations are influence by changes in the environment; it needs to be responsive and flexible, with an increasing growth of technology and research in health care (Gerish &Lacey, 2006). The concept of providing high quality patient care through EBP has been evolved (Hockenberry 2006; Burns & Grove, 2007) . EBN processes has established best evidence practices and positive clinical outcomes. This means, by using EBP and incorporating it into nursing care plans will avoid undesirable repetitious action in practice and decrease expensive alternative outcomes associate with poor patient’s management, it also will...
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