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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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humans, as well as other animals, are innately aggressive and this often leads to violence when conflict situations arise.

Indeed, conflict is an expression of the aggressive component of our biology. Aggression is a fighting instinct directed against people and it often leads to violence when conflict situations arise. To begin with, people are prone to use violence because they have inborn learning to it as they used to live in a close-to-nature society where it was the only possibility to survive. Moreover, violent behavior can be natural and reasonable in a dispute or confrontation because it’s the easiest and one of the most efficient methods to achieve the goal and resolve the conflict. Finally, all humans have basic psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs which they seek to fulfill, and the denial or frustration of these needs by other groups or individuals could effect them immediately or later, thereby leading to a conflict. To sum up, human nature is selfish,individualistic and naturally conflictive and will always pursue it’s own interests which will inevitably result in a conflict. Like other animals, humans have an instinct to survive. If this suggests to them that fighting and killing will help, then they will usually do so. unmet basic human needs are the core reason behind conflict and violence. basic human needs are an integral part of basic human rights. Therefore, unmet human needs become the equivalent of human rights violations. These human rights violations become therefore a source of conflict.
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