Topics: Obesity, Fast food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Obesity rates are increase all over the world in the year off 2011 it was up 26.1 percent and in the year of 2012 it was 26.2 percent. There are a few states such as New Jersey, Georgia, and North Carolina whom obesity rates have changed of the last pass years. Delaware rate is the only state they had a decrease over the last past years, but in West Virginia is the state that the obesity rate is the highest percentage which is 33.5, Colorado being the lowest at 18.7 percent. In the next 10 to 20 years obesity rates are expected to rise high. According to ( “New data show that obesity rates in the United States and other nations will hit alarming levels in the next 20 years if nothing changes, prompting researchers to call on governments to take the lead in fighting the increasingly global epidemic. In the U.S. alone, study authors expect 65 million more obese adults by 2030 if trends continue. That would mean that 50% of the nation's men would be obese and 45% to 52% of women would be obese, one of the studies showed. There are 99 million obese individuals in the U.S -- about one in three people -- although rates vary by sex and ethnicity.” There are many factors that will support this trend simply by looking around us. Everywhere we turn there is a fast-food restaurant, and on ever commercial break there is something mentioned about fast food restaurant. Junk food is at our children’s schools, at our jobs, even in our homes. In this day in age parents are either lazy or too busy to make dinner for their families so as a result they turn to burger king, taco bell, Arby’s, or even McDonalds. The health of our world is in danger because of obesity and the strain that it put upon our bodies. Diabetes is one health issue cause by obesity and heart disease is another. Diabetes is cause by a few things, but by not eating healthy and not exercising, it can stop your body from functioning the way that it...
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