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Gentry, Kristin
Jennifer Cherry
English 101.04
Spring 2012
Ageplay: Emotionally Gratifying, Socially Taboo!
Ageplay, or the often sexually- taboo act of role playing, where one consenting adult personifies a minor child, while the other serves as a caretaker for the “minor child”, is a highly common phenomenon that shocks and perplexes many, but serves as profound emotional fulfillment for those who participate in the lifestyle. Throughout the following pages it is my intent to explore the many facets of age play and especially dissect, with integrity, the “why” behind this unique subject matter. Overwhelmed with a wealth of information, I have broken down the subtopics, for convenience and ease in reading. I have incorporated a variety or research sources varying from books written by esteemed sexologists to personal interviews from age players right here in the community. To protect their identity some have chosen to anonymously contribute to the paper while others have allowed me to use and alias. What is this age play thing all about?

Ageplay is type of role playing mostly practiced amongst the kink community. In some cases, ageplayers will limit “sceneing” or “play” to the “vanilla” world, sexless, or seemingly blasé, 9-5, mundane life, but, it is far less frequent than the sexually- driven alternative. There are three common age ranges that are explored in this kink. The first is Adolescentilism, where a relationship is formed around a person who identifies as a young adult or high school aged person. Often, a “naughty school girl” fantasy falls into this category. Authors Gloria and William Brame and Jon Jacobs, educated Sexologists and experts in the BDSM arena, wrote about this in the candid, wildly-popular book: Different Loving: The World of Sexual Domination and Submission. On page 129 it reads “[in this type of ageplay] the fantasy is likely of only temporary duration.” Paul Rulof, a lifestyle educator and conference presenter raises a good, supportive point in his writings that suggests why this might be true. On page 52 of his first book, he sheds a new perspective about this particular age range of role play. He notes the following: “The teenage years are often ones of exploration of the self-identity, interactions with others, and many different experiences. Many firsts often happen during this time: first kiss, first date and first romantic partner.” The attraction of new and exciting events is most likely short-lived once those first experiences have occurred. When prompted during an interview, “Draven”, a Bloomington-Normal based Daddy had to say this about the appeal of this age range.

“The naïve instincts of a pre-teen appeal to the hero complex that most men possess. We like to be needed and especially when we can offer our insight about sexual discovery. I personally enjoy watching my baby girl grow emotionally and become a sweet young lady as a result of my influence.”

The next age group fetish mentioned in the trio-penned “Different Loving” was the Juvenilism range. This includes littles who personify, or emotionally connect with 6-12 years of age. Punishment is a cornerstone of functionality in this age range. Littles who identify as a juvenile are typically more sensitive and require great emotional care. Most littles who have a bratty, or disobedient streak, fall into this group, thus the frequency in punishment for these preteen boys and girls. Brame, Brame and Jacobs had this to say about unique, therapeutic punishment tactics for littles in this age range,

“The parent figure may ask embarrassing questions about the submissive’s personal or sexual habits. By stripping away the submissive’s privacy, the dominant exposes not only the submissive’s body but also her inner nakedness and vulnerability. In some juvenilist scenarios the dominant role plays as the erotic guide.”

Surprisingly, despite the small amount of littles who fall into the pre-teen category, the...
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