Agents of Socialization Essay 5

Topics: Middle East, High school, Socialization Pages: 5 (1720 words) Published: May 16, 2008
Agents of Socialization

Mass Media
Mass media influences me greatly in terms of the way I dress, look, feel, and approach the media itself. Often times I look to media in order to gain the latest tips and trends on today’s fashion and beauty, simply to be up to par with the many celebrities who always seem to look picture perfect. It seems as a teenage girl some part of my life revolve around this aspiration to be as beautiful as the girls in magazines, television, and the movies. As a result, I tend to want to wear makeup while continuously buying new clothes to strive for this ideal. Seeing as this is so unattainable, I often find myself feeling insecure about my face, body, and myself in general. Furthermore, the internet seems to implement these ideas in a much more sexual way when it comes to pop-ups and Facebook who promote that young girls expose their body and wear skimpy clothing. I myself would never stoop so low however there always appears to be the satisfaction that boy will simply notice you because of it. In addition, the marketing throughout media influences me to become one of the many teens who subside to consumerism. Due to the many advertisements I see in magazine and newspapers I often find myself buying more than I need, and sometimes things I already have. It is evident that media has had an ever-growing affect on young teen girls like myself and it will ultimately affect the way we feel about ourselves and how we are portrayed for the rest of our lives.

While school provides me with an education as well as trains me for the future, it has many other distinct influences on my life. For instance, school has allowed me to establish many work habits when it comes to individually working all by myself such as punctuality, prioritization, participation, initiative, independence, leadership, responsibility, preparedness, and organization. All of these characteristics have influenced me in the way that I have been able to complete homework and assignments to the best of my ability at home and during school, and this has ultimately causing my academic success. Also, school has influenced me in the way of the attitude of which I approach people such as teachers and peers. When it comes to teachers I am more respectful, appreciative, and consistent seeing as they are authoritative figures while I am more cooperative, open minded, accepting, and friendly towards my classmates seeing as they are people of which I will most likely have to deal with a lot in terms of group projects and everyday discussion. In a sense, school has enhanced my socialization skills. The school system has a hidden curriculum which has two sides to it. One of which being the fact that the environment of school has allowed me to be reliable, prepared, and organized while being able to set goals for myself and teach myself (using a textbook or online if I don’t grasp a concept). Other more obvious skills school has implemented on me are arithmetic, reading, writing, critical thinking, and debate. These skills will ultimately be utilized all throughout my life. Government

The government has a great influence on me and society and general. This is because the government regulates activities, laws, jobs, taxes, etc. As a teen, for some abiding by the law is difficult due to the fact that drugs and underage drinking of alcohol seems to be the norm. However, I am one who strongly believes in the rules and regulation the government has set as I believe they are good for the people as a whole and thus I would never do such a thing. In addition, because my parents are from Syria they ultimately conformed to Canada’s western culture as immigrants and as a result as I have grown I have conformed to their way of living as well as altering it to fit my own beliefs and perspectives. For instance, while my mother may speak Arabic at home I continue to speak English. The fact that the Canadian government promotes the preservation of...
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