Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election Essay

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Mike Smith
January 26, 2013
Tommy Hawk

Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election
Elections of the past have had to rely on time consuming systems and procedures to compile information that would gauge the American attitude toward the political candidates and their respective platforms. The Presidential Election of 2012 has changed that system forever. This election came with state of the art technology that allowed live coverage of the endless campaigning followed by up to the minute input of American sentiment toward the policies and messages being marketed by both sides. These statistics helped in molding the individual parties platform and their message along with its delivery, or if they needed to change direction completely. Today’s technology provides more precise data than past elections while creating access to the overlooked and unreachable supporters including immigrants and young voters (Cosper, A.C. 2012). The agenda setting function of mass media was hard at work throughout the 2012 presidential election. Many issues that were supported by the candidates worked on their behalf in gaining popularity in the polls through media outlets. But that was not always the case. Each political runner at one time or another experienced the repercussions of an inappropriate phrase or gesture that was recorded then made viral through social media with instant feedback from Americans followed by outpour of their opinions. Quite often, voter opinion was not favorable and the tides changed quickly for both parties on more than one issue. Mitt Romney wins the Republican Party nomination with the platform to repeal Obamacare, create more jobs, achieve energy independence, create higher education programs with real time career opportunities, reduce government which helps to cut the national debt and federal deficit, reform tax rates for individuals and small business by cutting the red tape that increases business costs while dissuading new...
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