Agenda 21

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Agenda 21 is a government action that could take place in the near future. The plan is designed with a brilliant presentation in mind, to shield the supposedly 'informed' from the real facts and implications. In reality, Agenda 21 will be very dangerous to our country, and to the rest of the world. The government wants to use Agenda 21 to control the population by taking our land, move people into designated housing areas, and confine them more so than they plan to confine wildlife.

The United Nations (UN) wants to take everyone's land to use for their own benefit. If the UN takes control of our land, farmers may not be able to grow as many crops, if they are permitted to grow any at all. This will surrender control of how much food is produced, and therefore sold, to the population. The UN will be able to say when and where this food is planted, produced, and sold. Many people are unaware of this part of the UN's plans. Some land-owners may not even realize that by signing that petition or by checking the “I have read the terms & conditions” box at the end of the website page, they are signing away their land. Nowadays, people simply gloss over even the most important of documents and articles, not even sure of what they read by the end of the page. The idea they often leave with is general, and vague. “Well it seems like a good idea,” they say. This is the attitude that Agenda 21 is relying on to get their plan into action. The plan is dependent upon the world's ignorance. The UN is after land, and they will take it from right under their citizens' noses.

The next step in the Agenda 21's detail is to move people off of the land the UN now owns. For whatever reason, Agenda 21 needs the land to be devoid of civilian presence, and is ready and able to boot people off of the land that was once theirs. Although they can and will use force if necessary, most citizens will often move out on their own. The government will make the plan...
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