Agency Report - Essay

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Youth Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: January 6, 2012
Agency Report
University of Phoenix
Field Experience 1/ BSHS 341
Group SC07BHS08
April 10, 2008

Agency Report
YWCA Youth Employment Services is a non-profit organization program designed to provide youths with employment services. They serve youths that are between the ages of 14 through 22. The YWCA Y.E.S program opens their doors to anyone that walks in through their doors, no matter what their gender or ethnicity is.

The purpose and goal of the Y.E.S program is to assist the youth to obtain employment by providing them the tools they need, there for, Y.E.S will promote pride, dignity, and self worth to the youths. To assist the youth to obtain employment Y.E.S provides the youths with resume building, interview skills, job referrals, and job application assistance. For interviewing skills Y.E.S provides the clients with a pamphlet of what they can expect for a job interview. This pamphlet contains information on what to wear for a job interview, what to take and what not to take, and the kind of questions that are commonly asked by interviewers. The clients are also given an opportunity to practice and experience an interview through a mock interview provided in the office of Y.E.S. If the client chooses to start or work on their resume, the Y.E.S assists the client on resume building. Y.E.S provides their clients with a guide for resume building, where it contains information for clients to start or improve their resume. Now a day, there are different ways to apply for a job, and Y.E.S assist their clients by giving them information on how to fill out a job application as well as assist them to fill it out, whether one has to fill out an application by hand or on-line. The Y.E.S office has computers available for the clients to work with; to look for company information, learn and practice computer skills, as well as to apply on-line. Most importantly Y.E.S created a job board for their clients that inform the clients of different...
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