Agencies of Socialization

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  • Published : August 25, 2010
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Socialisation is a process whereby individuals are made aware of behaviors that are expected of them with regards to the norms, beliefs attitudes and values of the society inwhich they live. Socialisation helps the individual to face realities of life, as a result of appreciate his culture practices. The Agencies of Socialisation are the social institutions that form part of the passing on to the people the norms, values, beliefs and attitudes.There are several agencies of socialisation which are developemantal, Anticipatory,Resocialisation,Reverse, Primary and Secondary socialisation. However, the main agencies are the Primary Socialisation which is a process where people learn attitudes, values and action appropriate to individual as members of a particular culture. Also is Secondary Socialisation, this is a process where individuals learn appropriate behaviors as members of a smaller group within the larger society. Under the Primary agencies is the family, peer groups, opinion leaders. The family being the intergral part of every individual upbringing is one of the most important agencies of socialisation. the family has the power to influence individual sel-concept , emotions , attitude and behavior. With the peer groups, they are made of up people with similar age group and status in society. the group also set norms and valies by which the individual must abide. Under the secondary socialisation, is the work environment, Education, mass media and Religion. The mass media which serve as a medium of communication is one of the agencies of socialisation. through the mass mediam, individual are abel to learn and adopted new of lifestyle and behavior which at the end becomes a convention in the society. Example is Fashion. Religion is a major agency of socialisation because it embodies the moral principle in society. in this respect, religion has its own set of norms, values and objectives that regulate the conduct of its members. Inconclusion, it is...
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