Ageism: How Children and Teens Are Unfairly Stereotyped

Topics: Tutankhamun, Chester Greenwood, Akhenaten Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: April 18, 2010
Ageism: How Children and Teens are Unfairly Stereotyped
Jazzie Collins
Pacific High School

Over the years, children and teens have been portrayed as immature and sometimes even stupid. Many adults think that they are incapable of many things and deserve no respect. However, young people have made many accomplishments in history. They have invented things and some have even become emperors. Kids and teens deserve more respect than they are getting. Children and teens are constantly being degraded as “stupid” and immature”. They are put down and disrespected just for their age and adults often see them as incapable, weak and silly. In some cases they could be considered right but believing that all children are foolish is completely wrong.

“Children should be seen, not heard,” a phrase often heard in olden times and even sometimes today, is a prime example of ageism. It is degrading to them as human beings. The law enabling citizens in America to have freedom of speech does not exclude children and teenagers. If it did, there would be many things today that we would be without.

Many inventions we have now came from the minds of young ones. For example, the earmuffs, a popular and stylish way to protect your ears from the bitter cold of winter, were invented by a 15 year old boy from Maine. The protective winter gear called Wristies was created by a 10 year old girl in the year 1994. There are numerous inventions from the minds of teens and children.

Chester Greenwood, living in Farmington, Maine, invented earmuffs at the age of 15. While testing out a new pair of ice skates, he became frustrated with trying to protect his ears from the harsh cold. Feeling very bulky, itchy and, overall uncomfortable, his scarf did no help. So instead, he made two ear-shaped loops from wire and had fur sewn into them by his grandmother. Chester then improved them by adding a steel bar to the top of the separate ear muffs, helping to hold them in...
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