Aged Care in China

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Senior Living Facilities in China

Senior living for rent in China are mainly comprised of old people’s homes, social welfare institutes apartments for the aged and healthcare institutions for the aged all fall under two government systems: Standards of Social Welfare Institution for the Elderly and the Special Care and Placement System for ex-military and servicemen

Types of Facilities Available
In China, the primary social welfare system for elderly includes the 8 types of senior care facilities which differ from each other in terms of sponsor nature (the state or private), adopted elderly ’s self-care capability and service duration etc. •Of these 8 types, all except Social Welfare Institution for the Aged (老年社会福利院) can be run by either public or private operators •Typically, facilities operated by corporates will target the mid-high end market while facilities operated by the public, non-government organisations or individual contractors target low-middle class elderly

Supply shortage
Rural areas have historically had a stronger demand for senior living facilities due to the higher proportion of elderly and the government has focused on providing a basic level of health care to these rural areas •Rural senior care institutions contribute to approximately 80% of the total senior care capacity in China, in terms of number of institution, bed and adopted elderly while urban senior care institutions account for c.16% of China’s senior care capacity. The remaining institutions are for ex-servicemen under China’s Special Care and Placement System (优抚安置系统) The latest government statistics indicate that there is significant unmet demand for senior living facilities in China •There are 2.7 million beds available in China in 2009 and some industry reports estimate there to be a shortage of approximately 5.7 million beds •According to the China’s 12th 5-Year Plan on senior support (Consultation Paper) and aged population forecast, the government is...
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