Age of Exploration essay

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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History 106
Professor John Radzilowski
Reaction paper 1
February 04, 2013

The Age of Exploration

The age of exploration had a huge impact on the history. It started from the 14th century to the 17th century where European countries were looking for the shortest and best routes through the Indies because it would give them wealth due to the excess to spices, gold, and silver overseas. Other than that, advances in technology, and Christianity are also some of the factors that led to the age of exploration which also made a huge impact in Europe – slavery and religious wars.

Many of the significant improvements of the technology were made during the age of exploration. There were tools that was developed during the age of exploration such as a portable device used by sailors to help them find their way. Another tool was the magnetic compass which was the mariner’s first technological application of magnetism and one of the oldest scientific instruments. Based on Bentley, “Portuguese mariners encountered Arab sailors in the Indian ocean using simpler and more serviceable instruments for determining latitude…” (Bentley370). Lastly, a caravel was invented that has multiple masts that could take advantage of whatever wind was available.

Christianity, also, has led to the age of exploration. During the 1500s, Europeans were traveling the seas to every part of the globe to spread Christianity. European countries believed that they could convert non-Christians and Muslims throughout the world. Missionaries went to Africa and Asia and ran Christian schools to teach people about their religion. However, there are many non-Christians who established a series of churches independent of Roman Catholics.

Reformation is one of the impacts that were brought in Europe during the age of exploration. Martin Luther, a German priest and church reformer, was one of the most influential people in history during Christianity. He led the protestant reformation and formed...
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