Age of Exploration - 2

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Philip J. Adler and Randall L. Pouwells. World Civilization, Fifth Edition. Thomas Learning, Inc. Pre-Press, 2008. -------------------------------------------------
The Spanish and Portuguese discoveries of trading routes during the Age of Discovery were the greatest discoveries concerning in trade and trade routes. I will be reacting, how the finding of trading routes are still in effect today, with trading industries from importing and exporting goods from different places thanks to the Age of Exploration. During the 15th century, it is when Europeans set motion to exploring by sea in search of trading and trade routes. Throughout that time, people started to have curiosity about the outside world and brave explorers like Columbus, Magellan, and other famous explorers set out to discover the unknown. I believe, if it was not for the explorers, that we will not have known the world as it is now and how to do commerce trade with the lands that they did discover. Just reading and thinking about it makes me think that the world without trades from other foreign countries it would be a diverse world then it is now in the trade market. Christopher Columbus and Price Henry the Navigator and many other famous explorers, not only open the world of commerce to trade, but also establish the possibility of other goods. If we as people just stop to think, if it was not for these brave explorers we would not have a lot of material that we find insignificant to us today, because we are use to having it there and not think how it arrives to us. We would not have knowledge about these items, or their existence. For example spices, gold, oil, food products, and much more other things that we do trade in and out. The discoveries of trade routes are a miracle for the trading industries and the whole world. The importance of the trade routes discovery like, the Indian Ocean and Coast of the Indian Ocean and much more are still useful to today’s world trade. How else could you...
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