Age of Enlightenment and Glorious Revolution

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1. Complete the following outline, as you read online about the events in England that were milestones in the development of democracy. (There are ten items that need information.)


A Bird’s-Eye View

1 Renaissance and Reformation

During the Renaissance, Europe was charged with a new spirit of inquiry.

2 English monarchy

The Glorious Revolution

1 Charles II

King Charles II, like his executed father, found Parliament troublesome and tried to rule without it.

2 James II and the idea of the divine right of kings – Kings would only receive power from God, and were answerable to God.

3 Who: William of Orange

English Protestant leaders wanted to force James ll from power and give the throne to his daughter, a Protestant, and to her Dutch husband.

Confident that the English people would welcome him and that James ll would refuse to fight, their army began to march on London. When James ll heard the news, he fled to France.

With almost no bloodshed, Parliament had power once again. Parliament claimed the right to limit the power of the monarchy, and to have the final say about who could sit on the throne of England. The bloodless overthrow of King James II became known as the Glorious Revolution.

English Bill of Rights

1 Parliament offered the throne to William and Mary on the condition that they accept the Bill of Rights.

2 The Bill of Rights restricted the powers of the King.

3 The Bill of Rights guaranteed certain rights and liberties to the people.

4 The Bill of Rights established England as a constitutional monarchy, a system of government in which the power of the ruler is subject to the laws...
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