Age and Employment Decisions

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Employment decisions are influenced by a variety of factors, age being one of them. Age determines who is hired and who is fired. It also influences the kind of jobs people seek. Stereotypes revolving around age influence management decisions concerning employees. Older workers are generally considered to be less creative and more averse to change than older workers. This paper seeks to identify how age influences different employment decisions. It will look into different age groups such as generation Y and the Baby Boomers. The characteristics of these age groups greatly influence how employers treat their employees. A.Hiring

Age is indirectly related to experience. People who are older usually have more work experience then younger folks. Employers who require a certain number of years as prior experience usually lock out people of certain ages. This is so especially in professional firms. Experience requirements create a Catch 22 for generation Y because they cannot be hired without experience yet they have to work to gain that experience. The ICT industry behaves contrary to other industries in terms of hiring. In this industry, age is not an important factor in hiring. Technological savvyness is more important. Older employees are technologically challenged. Generation Y employees are tech savvy and hence get hired more in this industry. B.Motivation

Motivation is what keeps employees excited about their work. Motivated employees work better than demoralized ones. Employers should consider age while designing reward and motivation packages. •Older workers between 50-60 years are interested in their retirement. Rewards that improve their pension packages would most likely motivate them. •Workers between 40-50 are likely to be struggling to pay tuition fees for their children. They would prefer scholarships and education...
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