Agar Plate and Cobra Vine Plant

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I. Product Background

A. Introduction
In this highly luxurious extravagant world, food and other beverages has always been one of the things which maintain the mainstream of life. Aside from being one of the basics for survival, gatherings are also made perfect by food preparation and stress is now often associated with food. This activities show that food intake nowadays is far different from the conventional times. Furthermore, this lavish lifestyle most of the people have results in an unhealthy body. On the other hand, poverty and starvation is widespread throughout the whole country. Diseases are common and nourishment is worst. People of this class only earn enough for their basic necessities or even lesser. Some cannot merely afford buying medicine and ignore the complications they have. In response to this situations, the researchers have decided to make a common commodity, juice, out of a native herbal source, cobra vine (Ipomoea nil).

B. Idea of the product
The researchers addressed the problems with costly medicines. They have decided to make a better and proven alternative. Cobra vine, a native herbal plant, is well known for its medicinal capabilities. It is a perfect alternative in the form of juice.

C. Research of the product
The plant serves as replacement for costy medicine. Based upon the interviews and research, cobra vine seeds produce an alternative low cost and environmental friendly medicine. Since cobra vine plant is commonly found in our locality, it's never hard to produce such. In the next page is a table showing some of the native procedures in curing diseases. Table 1: Cobra Vine Usage

Diseases| Preparation| Dosage|
FatigueThroat DiseaseHeart Disease| Pulverize 3 cobra vine seeds into fine coarse. Decoction may be considered for this and prepare 500 ml of water and 4-5 cobra vine leaves. Bring to a boil and serve.Decoction must be used. 4-5 cobra-vine leaves with 500 ml of water and bring it to a boil....
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