Agar Jelly

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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17th, October 2010


Conclusion: For this experiment the agar jelly had to be cut in to five different block sizes, after that has been done we had to add all five blocks in to the test tube with the acid and time to see how long it would take for the colour to change from a pinky purple to clear. From this experiment I learnt that the bigger the size of the jelly is the more time its going to take for the colour change to take place, the colour change represents the rate of diffusion, the smaller the block of jelly is the less time its going to take for the colour change to take place which means the rate of diffusion is slower. This was a very difficult experiment so many errors could have occurred so the experiment would need to be repeated several times in order to get better results.

Limitation | How it affects| Improvement|
Temperature| Might affect the rate of diffusion.| Take the temperature of the water and make sure it’s always the same.| Size| Affect the rate of diffusion | Make sure each agar block is the size needed, maybe even weigh them just to make sure.| Time| Dropping all the agar blocks in to the liquid at the same time might be a lot harder to time them all at once.| Drop the agar blocks in the test tube one by one and time the one by one.|
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