Against Sending a Child Abroad Alone

Topics: Study abroad, Korean language, Koreans Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Against Sending a Child Abroad Alone
As the zeal for children’s education among Korean parents is second to none in the world, they have turned their eye to the world in pursuit of better education for their children. Moreover, higher living standards and the spread of globalization during the 1990’s have contributed to increasing the number of children studying abroad. One of the biggest reasons of studying abroad is to acquire the English language at an early age as soon as possible. Many people think the earlier you learn a language, the easier and faster you can master it. However, do we really need to take our children to strange and unfamiliar countries in the world for education? The experiences and results of studying abroad early vary in many cases, but we need to consider its negative effects on children and their family members, especially, goose fathers, who are left in Korea, in the long term. First, most young students, who still need parents’ care and guidance, have to cope with language barriers, cultural shock, loneliness, and conflicts for themselves when they are left alone in a foreign country. Choi find out that many Korean college students who have gone through the early study abroad (ESA) period in the US and other countries experienced a server sense of isolation and loneliness. Also, Kang points out that these students who study abroad alone have more difficulties adapting to foreign lives than these living with their parents (qtd. Kim, 15-27). These two studies tell the importance of living with parents for children who need to be taken care of by their parents. Secondly, identity problems and its related negative results arise when they go abroad. These young students who study abroad early may confuse between their origin and foreign countries. They are likely to lose the chances of learning language, ethics, history, culture, and geography about Korea which offer national identity. According to Yeh”s study, most young students are...
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