Against School Uniform Essay : )

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  • Published : December 14, 2011
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tWars, Global Warming, The Apocalypse, these epic calamities amount to nothing when faced with the terrible might of this topic, School Uniforms. Schools all over the United Kingdom are implementing these wretched creations of oppression. They are like shackles that chain kids to school. Schools should not force kids to wear uniforms. Its a bad idea with awful consequences if implemented. For the most part, School Uniforms limit free thinking, and creativity. If the next generation of children were to have no creativity or free thought, they would become zombie fascists. Without the upbeat attitude kids bring to school every day, kids wouldn't learn as well. They would probably not be able to express themselves fully. They would probably do terrible in subjects that require creativity, such as English and Art. Furthermore, some schools may argue that uniforms create a better learning environment with fewer distractions. Unfortunately they have not fully considered all the information about them. When kids are in school, they will always be distracted. If you remove one distraction, they will just concentrate on something else. From firsthand experience it can easily be said that most kids are proficient at finding ways to waste time. Thirdly, if School Uniforms were enforced, students would not mature properly in some ways. After kids leave school they would have no idea how to dress themselves because they have been told exactly what to wear since they were born. Consequently, they might grow up with the mentality that they will be told what to do for the rest of their lives. If this happens, we will probably all be doomed to a future where our leaders have no idea what they are doing. My final conclusion is, don't force kids to wear uniforms. They will suck the creativity out of kids, give them distractions, and not let them mature. If implemented they could cause the downfall of the human race. Also, schools are doing just fine without uniforms, so why have...
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