Against School Essay

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American education today is a basic set in stone routine that consists of six classes a day, five days a week, and nine months a year for twelve years. The first years of the educational process are used for building up your social skills. Middle school is for setting the foundation for the rest of a person’s education, which consists of basic arithmetic, writing and reading. Junior high is just building blocks on top of the material one would learn in middle school. Then there is the last for years in basic education, which is high school. In high school students can take classes such as trigonometry and calculus classes or stay at an intermediate algebra class. Gatto is right about the failed education system because of teachers making class boring, not investing into kids’ education and what impact this has on the students.

There are a lot of times when a student will find class too boring. As a teacher lectures about unrelated material to a student, we become bored and drowned out what we do not find interesting as students. There is no way possible to learn anything if we are in our on worlds not paying attention to the lecture. Teachers need to look deeper into the minds of students and find a happy medium between education and our maturity levels. Instructors need to bend the material around what we want to hear but at the same time, cover the entire lesson. Such things can be accomplished by using physical exercises or activities, bundling the lecture and fun together. If teachers can find a way to accomplish this, educators will see a difference in the learning curve of students.

Gatto talks about how in today’s economy, we as people seem to invest more into the large corporation rather than the small business or family farm. This is a side by side comparison of what schools are doing to the students today. Schools are not investing the necessary time and effort into the student’s education as much as they should....
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