Against Marital Cohabitation:

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Against marital cohabitation:
Cohabitation: an intimate sexual union between tow unmarried partners who share the same living quarters for a sustained period of time with or without the presence of children.(the role of cohabitation in remarriage, national council on family relation journal). of the most clearly defined correlates is marital dissolution(Jay techman,premarital sex, cohabitation, jstor) 2.50%of marriges preceded by marital cohabitation are ended by divorce.(1) 3.its associated with increase of marital disruption.(1)

4.the type of person who cohabitate is likely to be the type of person who is less satisfied with marriage. 5.studies shows that couples in cohabitation have lower levels relational happiness (1 against) 6. cohabitation is unstaible family form.( Cohabitation and Children's Family Instability) 7. researches indicates that cohabitation is associated with poor outcomes .childring from cohabiting families have poorer school performance compared to children from even a single parents families.(6) 8. cohabitation causes relationship instability by increasing the opportunity for the couples to leave the relationship.( Toward a Greater Understanding of the Cohabitation Effect|) 9.cohabiters are having a less interest in marriage and children.(8)

With :
1. the absence of premarital cohabitation have been received as missed opportunity for compatibility trials.(xiaohi xu …… role of cohabitation in remarriage) 2. persons who are divorced(failed in the marriage) will have an opportunity to know each other and maybe have successful marriage later after premarital cohabitation in the second relationship . 3. cohabitation rapidly has become one of the most common life course transition in industrialized countries .(1)
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