Against Mandatory Community Service

Topics: High school, Graduation, College Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: October 25, 2010
You’re rushing home after practice to get ready to do volunteer work. While you are doing your work you start thinking to yourself of what you have to do once you get home what assignments need to be due the next day, but as well u feel exhausted from practice or you’re after school activity. Once you get home you begin to do your assignments by the time you are finish the clock says midnight. The next day you feel tired and sleepy from not having enough rest. That for I am against for high schools to mandate volunteer work for students to graduate. For one students are too busy with after school activities and events, two students have homework and academics, and last the graduation numbers of the classes would be lower.

Students are busy with after school activities and sports. As for student athletes they have after school practices or late practices in which it consumes most of their afterschool time. They have long and hard practices so once it comes to doing homework they feel very tired or exhausted at the end of the day. They finish their assignments late and that adds to the less sleep they get at night. Causing them not to be fully on task or concentrated the next day in class. As well for students that have afterschool jobs they get off school and may have from 1-3 hours before they go to work. That gets them a good start on their homework but then they have to finish once they get off work, most times around 10 or 11 at night. As my point is students are too busy with after school activities and events.

Not only are students to busy with after school activities they are also busy with their academics. Most students have at least homework from 3-4 subjects or studying for test. As my first point that students have practices and jobs these students work very hard and once they come home they are tired, they still have to finish their assignments that they were assigned to do. As well students may also have time consuming projects that have a...
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