Against Love

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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Kayla Gainey
Professor Joey Poole
English 101
14 February 2012
Laura Kipnis’ “Against Love”
In her essay “Against Love”, Laura Kipnis touches on many different aspects of love. I think this is a touchy subject simply because love brings out many different opinions and beliefs. Kipnis basically argues over the fact that in order to have a good relationship and love someone you have to be able to meet certain requirements which are mutuality, communication, and advanced intimacy. This essay was a big eye opener for me.

My interpretation of what I read this essay is about loves meaning and the different aspects of love. At the beginning of this essay Kipnis says something stands out to me. “Love is, as we know, a mysterious and controlling force. It has vast power over our thoughts and life decisions. It demands our loyalty, and we, in return freely comply” (Kipnis 749). I think this is the best way to explain love. When there is someone that you really love you do and say things that you never imagine yourself doing. I think this is the main purpose of love and what everyone should feel. Love is not something you just stumble upon I think it is something that grows on you with time. I believe that if you love someone your willing to go out of your way and do extraordinary things for this person. I do not believe it would be a random person in front of you at the supermarket that you will do those types of things for, because you need to have a deep feeling and connection to this person.

In this essay something else Kipnis said stood out to me. “But passion must not be allowed to die!” (Kipnis 751). I have never been married but I have been in love before. I believe that if there is passion you should never let it die. Passion is a strong barely controllable emotion that you have for another person. It is not something that you can stop or pretend to share with someone. Love can and will make you feel as if you are nothing without your other half. You...
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