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How to Flunk out of College
Now day College certification doesn’t guarantee having good job and happy life. Otherwise, why the rate of unemployment being increase with the increasing in the number of student who graduated from college? Studying will consume student time and energy. Although, having undergraduate admission to any college it will be considered as the first and last step in the way to success. So student must spend their precious time by doing any interesting things. The successful way to flunk out of college start with poor attendance. First, going to college every day will expend time and money. Time expending happens because the classes start from eight in the morning until one o’clock in the afternoon sometimes class ends at three o’clock in the afternoon. In this time the student will lose many events in his or her live. For example, going to do some exercises in the morning, having breakfast with friends, shopping. Money expending will occur when the student use transportation to college, the tuitions, books shopping, and snacks. Otherwise, students could sleep whatever and whenever they want when they flunk out of college. After that, when the student have poor attendance thus will be led to missing all information and skills. This means student will fail in the final exam if the college let him or her to do it. Exam failing not a good scale to evaluate student. However, there are many geniuses in the world who fail in the exams and flunk out of college. But they did many things to change people live. For example, Steve jobs who guided Apple to be the top of smart devices companies. On the other hand, studying and examining will but the student under the stress and cause to a highly strung.

However, simple and easy way is cheating to flunk out of college. Student can cheat during the exam by ask any student next to him or her about the answer. Also, student can get smart phone and send the question to anyone who can...
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