Against Gun Control(Rough Draft)

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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“Four out of every 10 Americans own a gun. And nearly 3 out 4 believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to have a firearm.” (Schwartz 2011 n.p.) Many Americans believe that concealed weapons are the main cause of violence. There have been many controversial, religious and political issues addressing gun control, concealed weapons and banning fire-arms in the U.S. that have been going on for many years. Gun Control is an action of the government that is suppose to reduce crime. The right to bear arms is Americans constitutional right; this right is ensured by the 2nd Amendment. Others believe that concealed weapons make life safer. After the massacres at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech University, the question is always the same: How could this tragedy have been prevented?

“Recent Gallup polls show that only 38 percent of Americans think the most important way to combat gun violence is through stricter gun laws; 58 percent believe more should be done to enforce current laws instead. And more than two thirds oppose an outright ban on handguns.” (Schwartz 2011 n.p.) If concealed carry were allowed on America’s campuses, there is no doubt that many students would feel uncomfortable about not knowing whether their professors and fellow students were carrying handguns. Students and teachers must be able to express themselves freely in classroom environments, where discussions frequently touch on controversial topics that arouse passion. Students for Gun Free schools believes that; Concealed handguns would detract from a healthy learning environment, more guns on campus would create additional risk for students, shooters would not be deterred by concealed carry permit holders, concealed carry permit holders may not always be “law-abiding” citizens and concealed carry permit holders are not required to have law enforcement training. (Opposing Viewpoints 2011 n.p.) As I do believe this too, many people could argue these points. Guns...
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