Against Gay Marriage Essay

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Against gay marriage
In the article “For Gay Marriage” Andrew Sullivan argues that marriage should be available to any two citizens, which includes homosexuals. He defines marriage as “an emotion, financial, and psychological bond” between two individuals. Even thou most people define marriage between man and woman, he says it’s okay if the marriage couples are both man or woman as long as they have the “emotion, financial, and psychological bond”. Andrew stated the fact that a marriage license is not granted in a condition where the couples can’t have any children and he also states that the marriage license is also granted if two people are recognized for an emotional commitment for life. He believes that the marriage license should not be gives to the ones that cannot fulfill the meaning of marriage. Andrew asks a question saying “do homosexuals fall in to the same category?” with a marriage between minors or adult and minors and a marriage between brother and sisters. He continues by answering his question saying “History and experience strongly suggest they don’t.” I agree in our history and experience, marriage between minors and adult or brothers and sister is unusual and so is homosexuality. There is no way that we can compare heterosexuality to homosexuality, Andrew states that heterosexuals will understand what he was talking about if the take a moment and “imagine life without a recognized family”. Heterosexuality been around since Adam and Eve, it is impossible to live life without recognized family, but how is homosexual able to have family if they can reproduce? Marriage has always been between man and woman which is the usual way of starting a family and future in our society and other societies around the world. There is no evidence in human history that gay marriage existed so since gay marriage is new and unusual culture to our society it should not be accepted because we don’t want to mess up our culture and somehow ruin our tradition on...
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