(Against) Banning Books

Topics: Thought, Mind, Idea Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Michael LaSpina
English 1st period
June 4, 2012
Banning Harmless Books
There are so many murderers and drug dealers and complete corrupt people that no matter how they were raised or what they read or saw would change them. I don’t believe that books are powerful enough to change a person to do bad. I don’t believe that a book can make someone kill another. I do not believe that a book can ever cause a child to want to try drugs. I don’t believe that normal people can be changed by a simple book so why are they getting banned everywhere and so often.

Now when I say “books” I don’t mean spell books or anything that is completely purposed to do bad. When I say books I mean what most people think of, a story that is there for your entertainment and not to drive you mad or in want of drugs or killing someone. A book is an enjoyable thing and part of life. Writing is a gift and it should be used by those who want to use it and spread to everyone who wants to read it. But when books get banned, idea gets banned. Freedom gets banned. The right of speech gets banned. The writer’s thoughts, the human’s thoughts get banned. I do not believe it is right to ban a thought put to paper or put in public that is meant for enjoyment. There are rights to not reading books too. You don’t have to read a book if you do not think it is “right” to do so but you can’t tell someone else what to do that you don’t control.

I have had a favorite writer for a long time now ever since I read her first best seller, Crank. Her name is Ellen Hopkins. She has had her books banned. Her books talk about so many deep internal and external struggles that I believe can relate to so many people. When I read her books I feel free and that she is expressing my mind to deeper enjoyment when I read her ink stained pages of her novels. They are beautiful art. They are un-beautifully banned. I disagree so very strongly on this banning of Ellen Hopkins ideas. The books that she wrote have much...
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