Against Abortion

Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: January 15, 2013
How many times has a parent told us that
we weren't mature or old enough to make
a decision? I know I have heard that many
times throughout my lifetime, whether I
chose to listen or not. Whether or not we
have accpeted what our parents have said,
or like to admitt that our parents may
have been right we know in the end that
they usually are. So when did we decide
that we were old enough to have a child?
When really is the right time, the right age,
the right enviornment, and the right
I think we all know how baby's come to be.
I dont think it takes much explanation, and
hopefully your parents have given you all
"the talk". Either way if you've heard it or
not, you should know how baby's come to
be made before you do the act. I believe
that if you take on this responsibility and
trust that you are THAT mature, then you
should be ready for WHATEVER
consequence is thrown your way. Am I
right? If we believe that we are mature
enough to handle something we know
could lead to a consequence we aren't
ready to handle in life than shouldn't we
be prepared to handle that consequence
whatever it is? In this case, it's a baby.
A baby is a miracle. A gift from god given
to a woman and a man. Only if god
decides to send the miracle on your
standards of a right time? How does THAT
work? At week three an embreo has a
heartbeat. Therefor the baby is starting to
grow, and is now a living human being
growing inside a woman's body. That baby
is there, because you believed that you
were mature enough to create that baby.
YOUR baby.
Abortion is an option that is given to every
woman who becomes pregnant. Many
consider abortion, and many actually
decide to have an abortion. People feel
that it's their right to choose whether or
not abortion is right for them and their
sittuation. The helpless child is trusting the
mother and looking towards that woman
for nurishment and love. The baby has no
say in what goes on with her or...
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