Aftermath of the American Civil War Essay

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  • Published : January 31, 2010
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American Civil War (1865-1861) [1] has always been an interesting, yet tragic page of the US history. The numerous stories of heroism and cowardice, bravery and weakness, truth and injustice have been told several millions of times. The names like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, William T. Sherman will never be forgotten by the American nation. Nevertheless, American Civil War had its consequences and one should know that behind the beautiful story of battle for freedom and humanity there were events that changed the history of one of the most powerful countries of the world. This essay will cover the most vital changes that were caused by American Civil War in economic and social areas. The text will be completed by the summary of the main points.

When on April 26th, 1865 Johnston’s Confederate army capitulated to General Sherman [2], everyone understood that the last resistance of the South to the US government has been broken. That day not a single person knew that the country that is devastated by the greatest war in its history will maintain an economical upward. The slavery turned out to be a heavy cargo for the national economy. On April 14th, 1865 [3] Abraham Lincoln was brutally murdered, however his and his team’s wise economic actions gave their results. National Currency Acts of 1863 and 1864, subsidized railroads and other businesses [4], brought their results after the War ended – the work places were created, faster and more efficient way of transportation was available now. Industrialization of the South had begun; Lincoln’s administration agreed that the faster the unification of the country and its economy will occur, the better economic situation will become later and all their actions were made for the faster economic recovery of the South. Despite the war, the population of the US has grown from 31 million in 1860 to 38 million in 1870. In 1867 Alaska was bought from Russia, the same year Nebraska became 37th state and the Union Pacific...
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