After School Sports

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Sometimes after school sports can improve student’s grades because they work harder to stay playing the sport. In other cases the kids don’t care and they focus only on the athletic side of things and don’t care about athletics. Having after school sports can be fun and difficult. It is a constant schedule of doing school work, going straight to practice, then coming home to eat and sleep. After school sports can be a blessing or a curse.

In my opinion after school sports is a blessing . Having something to look forward to that day helps me get even if I am really tired. School sports help me get through the year. They make the school year go by more quickly and encourage me to do better in school. This is the reason after school sports are awesome!

There are many advantages to having after school sports. For one you can have something to look forward too after homework or when school gets out. After school, sports help you develop time management which is a very important skill that you need later in life. If you work hard enough you could get a scholarship to play college sports and not be a dirt poor college student. Having sports at a young age is a good idea because the American obesity rate is rising and if you teach sports to younger kids it may encourage them to spend more time outside instead of sitting inside eating chips and washing it down with a ice cold Coca-Cola.

There are very few disadvantages to after school sports but the ones that exist could make the difference between having them and not. In some cases it may be hard for kids to balance homework and a two hour basketball game on a Thursday prayer meeting night. Another problem is kids coming to school after a late game or an early practice and can’t pay attention during class. When you have a game on a Saturday and lots of homework there isn’t much time to do other fun things on Saturdays like backyard football or just hanging out in center circle. Although some people don’t do sports...
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