After Sales Management Essay

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Creating a successful aftersales strategy to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase sales


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1. Aftersales Aftersales costs Why is it important? The ‘unnamed’ hole in retail finances Isn’t this just customer services? What about quality managers? Operating principles The book structure and who it is aimed at Summary 2. History and common practice General practice Service standards Suppliers Lessons to be learned Management buy-in Summary 3. Legal matters Key points Legal principles Limitations Why the confusion? ‘I know my rights!’ Exchanges Repair versus replacement Refunds Guarantees and warranties Duration of guarantees and legal rights Consumer rights in the United States and Canada

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iv Contents

Consumer rights in the rest of Europe Consumer rights in Australia and New Zealand Summary 4. What do customers want? Overview Building a reputation Managing perceptions Difficult customers and practices like ‘deshopping’ Summary 5. What do sales staff want? Key messages So what do they want? How do you give them what they want? Summary 6. What does the rest of the business want? Marketing Logistics Finance Purchasing Human resources The Board Summary 7. Problem resolution timescales Basic principles Reasonable timescales Why time is so critical Scale of tolerance Repeat repairs Mr and Mrs Angry Summary 8. Proposition design Common sense Timescales Diagnosis and fault resolution Parts availability Multiple failures Guarantee term

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Contents v

Loan equipment and products Compensation ‘Sorry!’ Summary 9. Supplier management and reverse logistics Basic principles Supplier...
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