After French & Indian War

Topics: United States, French and Indian War, Stamp Act 1765 Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: January 21, 2013
During the 1750’s the French and the English had coexisted peacefully for almost 100 years. Increase in population and trade caused both France and Britain to seek new territories and markets. To secure any new claim, communities, fortresses, missions and trading posts were usually established. Native Indians were used by both the French and the British to secure their hold on their claims. All of this led to the French & Indian war. The French & Indian war altered the political & economic relations between the Britain & its American colonies in change for the worse. After the French and Indian war the political relations between Britain and the colonies took a turn for the worse. After winning the war Britain colonies dominated the new world. In 1763 Britain had almost twice the land that they had in 1754. While the colonies and Britain were happy about all the land they had gain; the Indians said they had no right to settle in the land because it didn’t belong to them. King George III knew that this was going to lead to problems and in order to avoid them he passed the proclamation of 1763. This stated that the colonies couldn’t settle pass the Appellation mountains. The colonies felt that they had no freedom; they had faught in the war with Britain but now they couldn’t even enjoy all the territory that they had gain. This caused tension in the political relations between the colonies and Britain. Other political problem between the colonies and Britain was the abandonment of the “salutary neglect policy”. The salutary neglect was a British policy that avoided being too strict to the colonies in order to keep them obedient to Britain. They believed that if no restrictions were places on the colonies that they would flourish. But after the French and Indian war all of this changed. Britain put more strict trading laws so that the colonies will only trade with them. They also passed the stamp act and sugar act. The stamp act was...
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