After Effects of the World War 2 on Civilians

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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After effects of the world war on civilians
September 1, 1939, a day that would change the world forever. With this day, the world entered the nuclear age. It was the start of World War 2. Invasions and massive attacks were everywhere and every country was desperate to introduce itself as a powerful war machine that can take over the world. This war lasted six years, killing more people and destroying more properties than any other war in the history. Few of the probable reasons that caused the nuclear bombs to explode were the hatred between communism and fascism system. This age witnessed the collapse of democracy and the rise of dictatorship in certain countries. All the countries that came out of World War 1 were deep in debt. Their economies went upside down. Amongst these complications, there were millions of problems faced by the ordinary people or the war victims. The people were not sure whether to step out of their houses even after thinking a thousand times. Their extra-ambitious leaders used to vow that their sacrifices will lead them to a brighter tomorrow but every second, they feared, that tomorrow might not come. Storing eatables, water, hiding in basements for weeks and months and so on-------- was even worse than survival in hell. Watching others instantly turning into ashes or looking at the torn up bodies of the loved ones would make one feel as if to kill one’s own self. After a terrifying physical war the civilians went through the torturing mental effects. They stood helpless, miserable as if they are bodies with no souls in them. The babies born were deformed. People were the victims of several diseases such as vomiting, fever, aches etc. their houses had been crushed down. People stood at a point, where they had no hope of getting rescued as their governments had forgotten them. They had no clothes, food, shelter or any such thing that could enable their survival. Sitting lost and waiting for death had been their hobby for years and...
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