After Cold War and Eu Integration

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, World War II Pages: 5 (1707 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Nowadays, EU intends to make itself an important and effective actor in global Politics which speak with one voice and have influence on international issues. In order To achieve this goal, EU has developed an effective and coherent CFSP with the Maastricht Treaty. But, to understand the CFSP better, its historical background should be evaluated. The idea of a credible and effective CFSP has been a constant theme of European integration since the early 1950’s. The failure of the EDC Project in 1950’s was followed by “Fouchet Plan”in 1960’s. After two desperate initiatives, last but successful initiative was the establishment of European Political Cooperation (EPC) in 1970’s and 1980’s which enabled the construction of the CFSP in large scale. The modest experience of the EPC, therefore laid the framework for the establishment of the CFSP at Maastricht.

This study aims at evaluating these three initiatives which paved the way for the creation of the CFSP and European Union states efforts to develop a coherent and effective foreign and security policy in the Cold War Period.

.Recent day we have faced many international, political and social problems, mainly we have to focus on the end of the cold war because this era had kind of changing deeply ,There are much-discussed and consensus in the field of international relations. Today it have been agreed at the beginning of the issues that arise post-cold war period, the new structure of the international system. According to the many analysis; 21th political system is mainly concern about USA is the leader of globe so there is a unipolar system .But on the other hand according to the new analysis; they say there is a new balance of power between USA, Russia, China, India, United Nations and japan so this unipolar system is changing and there is a multipolar system is occurred. We taking into account in the different reviews; after the cold war the new structure of the international system which level is changed or transformed and they are caused kind of argument about new global system. This study use nation-state as an analysis and they also research the level of system. For Rosecrans; He studied at system analysis and he examined nine part of system or historical era and he said this system also bifurcate two part like balanced-stable and out of balance –unstable. There are destructive input, organizer mechanisms and social limitation of international system. For instance; when destructive inputs are too much it will go out of balance-unstable also when, organizer mechanisms are too much it will go balanced-stable. European centred classical balance of power was established international system at 18th and 19th century. The beginning of the 20th century; First World War (1914-1945), which was the one of the deadly and destructive war, and Second World War (1939-1945) caused transition period in international structure and these war also gave huge power to USA. 1946-1991 this period was called cold war .While the cold war was continuing, there was a bipolar international system was occurred. The approach of England and USA caused first polar Soviet which became a powerful and centre of attraction. Than USA was also established against polar and USA was pushed by Soviet power so USA was respected west block and Soviet was respect east block. These powers of divisions had few member states. Block leaders and member states political, solidarity, economic, strategic and geopolitical behaviour and applications created bipolar system’s main principles and parameters thus; with this way balance of power was between two blocks. Leaders power was supported with own international impact, capacity. West (Nato-USA) and East (Soviet) block applied surround and stabilization policy for everything. In addition in cold war time’s bipolar system; India, Egypt, Indonesia... etc. these countries were not joining west or east block. Briefly; Balance of power was distributed between...
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