After Action Review

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oklahoma City bombing, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: August 1, 2011
After Action Review
There are three different incidents that have occurred within eleven years of each other that has affected the world in major ways. Those incidents include the London Bombings that occurred in 2005, the Oklahoma City bombings that occurred in 1995, and the Olympics bombings that occurred in 1996. Throughout the following paragraphs it will discuss similarities, differences, and how the response was handled. This writer will also discuss if it could have been handled differently. On July 5, 2005 the London Underground rail systems was hit with the unthinkable. According to Australian Federal Police “The London terrorist bombings were the first example of ‘home grown’ suicide bombers in the UK. On April 19, 1995 the bomb went off outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people and injuring 680. Then another in 1996 at the Centennial Olympic Park which killed 2 and injured 111. What are the similarities? Were there any differences? Looking at these bombings the obvious similarities is that they are all cowardly acts of terrorism. According to Australian Federal Police “The London terrorist bombings were the first example of ‘home grown’ suicide bombers in the UK. Fifty-six people were killed, including one Australian, and over 700 people were injured. The London bombing was done to promote the myths of radical Islam terrorists and in protest of Great Britain’s involvement in the Iraqi War. The Oklahoma City bombing was done to protest the government and the FBI’s handling of the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. According to the person responsible for the Olympic park bombing, it was done in protest global socialism. While all three had different reasons, they all are acts of terrorism that killed and injured innocent people. The response to all the incidents was excellent. Looking at The simultaneous incidents at multiple sites in London severely tested the response and critical incident management...
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