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Topics: The World Is Flat, Global warming, Star Trek: The Next Generation Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 7, 2013
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the future is more frightenning than it is exciting, do u agree or disagree with this opinion, use the specific reasons and examples to support your answer. _________________

“The world is flat” so there are many reasons for people to consider that the world is more and more exciting, comfortable, interesting in the future. But in my own opinion, the future will be more firghtening than it is exciting. Because of the following reasons. Firstly, because of developing of technology, economics, the increasing of population therefore humanrace will need more the natural resource and certainly, we have to speed up the exploitative actions. As a result, that resource will come into exhaution because everything has its limit and in the future, I think the next generation will be harder to live and exist. Besides the above consequence, the effect of the uncontrolled exploitation is being the reason of the Act of God as flood, mudslide, floodside etc., which causes many disasters for the living of people allover the world. For example, the uncontrolled exploitation to the watershed in the North-West areas of Vietnam has caused many the floodslide, mudslide and many people killed by this disasters. Secondly, the development of economics as well as the industrialization, mordenizations in the developing countries will more and more form many the urban zone, new cities, manufactures, industrial zones. Besides the consequence of improving the living standard for many people, they will also lead the world to the hardship such as house-glass effect, environmental pollution, water pollution, the global warming etc,. Especially, these phenomenons are impacting on the world gradually and we can not feel or see it overnight so it seems to be the world have not had the specific solutions to solve them absolutely so far. Obviously, the above “heritages” that we leave over, are too heavy for our next...
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