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The Cultural Strains of
(Short Stories)

A Term Paper
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Prof. Lourdes C. Manzano

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Afro-Asian Literature

Kimbeerlyn B. Calauod
BSED English

March 27, 2012
As early as 300 B.C., India had already produced a considerable body of literature written in several Indian tongues derived from a common ancestral language-Sanskrit. The earliest known literature of India is a collection of tradition handed down by word of mouth. These traditions are known as the Vedas. These contain hymns addressed to the Indian gods, who are very numerous. They also contain stories about these gods. The literature of India is often called Sanskrit-literature. The word Sanskrit means cultivated. Hindu literature reveals the inner and outer life of a remarkable people; it extends from a remote past to the present. India was the center of an ancient civilization which spread east and south. This civilization affected the language and culture in both Europe and Asia. India also founded colonies in ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome, as well as in Spain, England, and France. These countries belong to the Indo-European race. They once had their homes in central Asia and spoke the same language. Even now various languages spoken in these Indo-European countries are only different forms of the original. This is especially true of words referring to family like father, mother, daughter, and sister. The word daughter comes from Sanskrit word signifying to draw milk. It preserves the memory of the time when the little milkmaid in the primitive Indo-European household. Like Philippines, India is also a country with many languages. Though their literary inheritance is common, there is an inherent unity on the Indian literature as a whole which has flourished against a common socio-political culture and literary background ever since birth. Moreover in terms of civilization, Indians have a civilization older than that of the ancient Greeks and Romans. While savages roamed the dense forest of England, France, Italy, and Germany, the Indians already had a highly developed civilization and were producing masterpieces in the arts. Indian masterpieces like short stories and poems convey a lot of meanings. It may be tragedy, love story or a story about friendship. Also there are many Indian movies that were derived from some wonderful short stories in India like the “3 Idiots”-- which the story was about education, friendship and love. A lot of Indian movies had struck us in so many different ways. In connection with this, here are some of the wonderful short stories that India has produced over the years. Though its plot is simple yet the meaning conveyed by each stories helped much in shaping the readers values and it contributes much in knowing what India’s culture, tradition, and way of living is.

One and A half Years
By: Gitanjali Maria

This short story was about a young woman who went to Mumbai to find a job. On her stay in a hostel room she knew a friend whom she felt at ease. This friend of her was so close to her heart that when she knew that this girl had cancer she took the responsibility of taking care of her.

Some of cultural strains in the story are as follows:
* They have hostel room. “As I sat packing up my bags to leave the hostel room forever, I was reminded of the last one and a half years I had spent there.” * They have common mess/restaurant. “They also provided food at the common mess/restaurant that operates on the underground floor; but it was optional.” * They have local trains. “I hurried out to catch the local train as to reach my office well in advance of the given joining time.” * They have stationary.

* They have shops. “I bought some stationary and other necessities for my room from a shop...
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